WildStar Guide Review – I Took the Plunge And I Liked It!

WildStar Online is seriously driving me crazy. The game has exceeded my expectations and I find myself logging in every day and playing into the wee hours of the night. With work demanding more of my time, something had to give. And in this case, I gave in to temptation and bought the KillerGuides WildStar Online leveling guide – and I’m glad I did.

My first MMO leveling guide
killerguides wildstar leveling guideI was very apprehensive about buying the KillerGuides WildStar Online leveling guide. Sure it was relatively cheaper compared to the official guides and some of my friends swore by the brand because they have used it recently for Elder Scrolls Online and Final Fantasy XIV Realm Reborn. But I was scared that it will just contain regurgitated information from the forums and databases.

I’m glad my fears were unfounded. The guide actually delivered on what it advertised: very useful leveling information for my class, the Esper. I could tell that the guide author actually spent a lot of time playing and mastering the class, and so had plenty of tips and tricks to teach me. This includes advice on how to quickly beat monsters using my Esper kit and shortcuts that help me skip time-consuming, poor XP quests. In WildStar, you get this tendency to finish every single quest that comes your way, but this guide points you to a more optimal strategy of picking quests with larger XP gains for your current level. These are the kinds of information you can only learn from another veteran Esper user.

The guide offers no single silver bullet that will instantly take you to level 50, but gives you instead a large batch of tips that, when combined, will really help you rush to the endgame. Don’t get me wrong — I like leveling, but I’ve always been the type to enjoy the endgame more with its high-level raiding and gear, as well as PvP.

Another great thing about using the manual from KillerGuides is that I still had fun in the game. It did not force me to do nasty things like cheating or ultra grinding. There were also no story spoilers that will ruin your role-playing journey. The guide simply helped me play better and wiser, and the XP and rewards just poured in naturally.

Great replay value for multi-classers
Now that I’m quickly rising up in levels, I’m already contemplating about creating a new character to serve as my alt. Even though I love my Esper to bits, sometimes you just want to take a break from the rhythm of spellcasting. I’ve been browsing through the other class sections in the leveling guide and they seem to be as comprehensively written as the Esper section. No doubt, if and when I decide to level a new Stalker or Warrior, I will also have the same pleasant experience using the guide.

Not just for clueless newbies
I may be an MMO guide virgin, but I am a veteran of playing MMORPGs. So naturally, I won’t be contented with simply getting leveling tips. I also looked forward to getting up-to-date information on the strongest builds and skill rotations, and they did not disappoint. I was able to seriously improve the power of my Esper by just following the class customization recommendations in this guide. I’ve been putting out more damage per second and have been winning more PvP fights than usual. And this is just from using the guide for roughly a week. KillerGuides promises to update the guide constantly with new patches over time, and that reassures me that I can constantly pick up fresh veteran-level strategies to keep me on top of the game.

Customer service aims to please
Buying the guide was really easy and quick, which personally made me more confident about the purchase. I also conversed with their customer support through email, asking about very specific information and whether these would be found in the guide and they were able to respond promptly. They even invited me to email them feedback on missing information in the guide so they can quickly add it in the next free update. I like their proactiveness and they seemed very eager to keep me satisfied. They took the opportunity to upsell me an upgrade so I can get the class guide and crafting guide, and I was very nearly convinced because of how cheap they were as a bundle. But maybe I’ll buy at a later time once I really need them.

Small caveats
Now don’t get me wrong. I may gush about this guide, but it is not perfect. The guide may sometimes be too text-heavy, especially if you like seeing screenshots and pictures more than reading. There were also a couple of formatting and minor grammatical mistakes, but nothing to make you take your hair out in frustration. Overall the KillerGuides leveling book for WildStar┬áis a fantastic value if you’re tight on time and want to fast-track your leveling. It provides a wealth of walkthroughs, tips and tactics designed to cut down your leveling grind but still make your journey to level 50 a truly enjoyable one.