WildStar Online Class Overviews

Article below is based on the Beta and not get any updates yet. However, for a more updated and in-depth information on advanced leveling strategies for all classes, you should consider getting a copy of the manual here. This was what made “level cap in a week” possible for me.

WildStar presents their players with six classes of characters to play, giving them an infinite amount of possibilities; Stalker, Esper, Medic, Warrior, Spellslinger, and Engineer, with each class bringing their own unique style of game play to the table based on what the player chooses. Each class of characters come with their own kinds of weapons, resource, pros and cons. Whether you want to play your character as a healer, damaged dealer, tank, or even a combination of all three, all six of WildStar’s classes offer an exciting way to explore the upcoming sci-fi MMORPG game.

Espers have the job of handling ranged DPS and sometimes acting as healers for their team when needed. Depending on what kind of player you are, Espers have access to stationary nuke spells as well as mobile-cast spells and can be mix and matched. Espers who focus on healing should keep an eye out for projected spirit and mental boon which can cause aid. They’re usually dressed in light armor, are talented in mental illusion skills (both offensive and defensive), and obtain a “Psyblade” which is a flexible tool. Using their Phantasmal armor spell, they can temporarily interrupt armor to their allies as well as grant a requisite absorption shield. Their illusion skills allow them to monitor crowd control against their enemies and make buffs for their allies. During fights, they can also use their illusion skills to conjure ghostly minions for a short period of time to fight on their behalf. Choose the dominion or exile faction and then a race; human, aurin, cassian, or chua.


During attacks, Stalkers can use their lethal claws and their invisibility skill in order to ambush their enemies and cause a massive amount of Melee DPS doing so. Their armor is specially equipped with “nanoskin” that enhances the armor with cool powers. Their suit power is a stalker’s primary class-based resource which can continuously regenerate either naturally through combat or acquired through abilities. Whether by speed or the use of technology, stalkers can handle taking on the tank role or playing straight DPS. Those that favor a tank build will excel with the decoy and cripple abilities while those who are playing to be a DPS assassin will find the staggering strike and the nano virus more beneficial to their advantage. When creating a stalker, you must first pick a faction (Exile or Dominion), then pick a race; which can be human, aurin, mordesh, cassian, mechari, or draken.


Warrior players can either be geared towards DPS game play or tank positions. Warriors have a power sword, arm cannon, and brute force. Their power sword consists of being a long hooking blade connected to a fusion accelerator which is a weapon that’s made for slaughterhouse heaven. Kinetic energy is a warrior’s primary class-based resource which can be generated by executing normal attacks; kinetic energy allows warriors to perform their most powerful attacks which needs massive amounts of stored energy. Tank warriors can use the plasma wall and cannon volley abilities to their advantage while assault warriors can use the power strike and whirlwind abilities more towards their advantage. Warriors can exist in either the exile or dominion faction and be either human, granok, or mordesh, cassian, mechari, or draken.


WildStar Spellslinger have the ability to use dual pistols which can inflict ranged DPS while also having the ability to use magical siqils in order to crowd control or heal their allies. Their armor is light but has the capability of dodging enemy attacks due to a special “void” which even allows them to retreat back to their personal dimension so they can recuperate which is a pretty big advantage to have during combat. Their primary resource of a spellslinger is spell surges and focus; they have a finesse for pistol skill, exceptional agility, and an insight for magic. Healing spellslinger will want to obtain such abilities as the regenerative pulse and sustain while DPS spellslinger would prefer to obtain the arcane missile and the flame burst abilities. Spellslinger can be in either of the exile or dominion faction while being either human, aurin, mordesh, cassian, draken, or chua.


Medic players are either hybrid healers or DPS assassins. They’re equipped with medium armor, resonators that heal or deal damage directly, fields that leave either healing or damaging areas in the surrounding location, and probes that can attach to enemies or allies depending on if the intention is to heal or damage. Power cores are Medic’s primary resource; they always start fully charged and can be used to give out powerful attacks or cause healing. Using their basic attack, Medic’s can recharge a deplenished power core either by using it to attack an enemy or heal an ally. Medic DPS players will want to seek for the atomize and gamma rays skills while healing medics will prefer to focus on finding the healing nova and the repair station abilities. However, power cores will also fully regenerate once combat is left. Being in either the exile or dominion faction, medic’s can either be human, granok, mordesh, cassian, mechari, or chua.


Engineer players are fit to be either DPS assassins or take on tank roles just like Stalkers can. Their armor consists of heavy material and obtains rocket launchers (Launch-O-Matic) which can be used in combat. They can create Exo suits that are used to temporarily boost all stats; they also have bots which are specialized to create damage, to heal, monitor crowd control, and use in tanking. An engineer’s main resource type lies in volatility which they receive exclusively by their launcher. For players who are favoring the tank style of play for their engineer will want bruiser bot and unsteady miasma while those engineer players taking on more of a DPS role will want the artillery bot and the target acquisition for their desired game play. The same factions consist for engineer players while having them be either human, granok, mordesh, cassian, mechari, or chua.


Article above is based on the Beta and not get any updates yet. However, for a more updated and in-depth information on advanced leveling strategies for all classes, you should consider getting a copy of the digital book here. This was what made “level cap in a week” possible for me.